Online Check In

We now have online check in!  

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to keep our patients and staff safe, we are closing our waiting rooms effective Monday, March 16th. This will allow us to screen everyone who enters our building. Below is our new step by step process on what to do when you arrive at our office.

If You Have an Appointment:

  1. A text message will be sent to the primary contact the morning of your appointment. (Note: If someone else is bringing in the child, please text back the cell phone number of the adult bringing in the child and we will send a new text to that person.)
  2. When you arrive in our parking lot, remain in your car and text back to the original text letting us know you have arrived.
  3. This will start the check in process with our office.  We will contact you via the text with further instructions to complete the check in process.
  4. You will remain in your car until you receive a text that the medical assistant/nurse is ready for you. We will let you know which waiting room entrance to proceed to.
  5. The medical assistant/nurse will greet you at the door to let you in. 

If you do not receive a text message from our office by the time you arrive to our office, please call us and we will start the check in process.  Please do not come in.

If You Want to Be Seen In Walk

We are still seeing patients for acute care in the Walk In Clinic.  When you are in our parking lot, please click on the link below to notify us of your request to be seen. Our office will send a text back with further instructions.[email protected]

If you do not receive a text message back from our office within 5 minutes, please call our office to notify us.  Please do not come in.

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