Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding Assistance at Pearland Pediatrics

We have partnered with Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education (BABE) to provide in-office lactation consultations for our breastfeeding mothers and infants. BABE consists of three international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) with many years of experience amongst them and much passion for assisting breastfeeding dyads. They are available for consultation throughout the length of a breastfeeding relationship, from the newborn period and beyond. They are skilled at assisting with common breastfeeding issues, like latching issues, prematurity, supply problems, tongue and lip-tie, breast and nipple pain, and breast pump-related issues. They also offer prenatal classes and back-to-work consultations. We provide a comfortable area in our clinic for families with newborns, complete with private lactation consultation and nursing rooms, as well a separate newborn waiting room.

Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic

In addition to the assistance provided by BABE at Pearland Pediatrics, Dr. Chan, one of our pediatricians, is also a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). She practices breastfeeding medicine, which focuses on assisting breastfeeding mothers and infants, while identifying and treating any breastfeeding-related medical issues in that may arise. In mothers these issues include, but are not limited to, mastitis, nipple infections like thrush, clogged ducts, acute or chronic nipple or breast pain, and over/undersupply of breast milk. In infants that are having issues like poor weight gain or difficulty feeding, Dr. Chan is skilled at evaluating the likely causes and forming a plan that involves the continuation of breastfeeding to the fullest extent possible.

Treatment of Tongue-tie and Lip-tie (Frenotomy Procedure)

Dr. Chan is also well-versed at identifying tongue and lip ties. She understands the relation between these oral ties and impaired breastfeeding function. She performs frenotomies (procedures to release oral ties) in the office; these procedures can help babies and moms achieve functional breastfeeding relationships. She has shadowed nationally-renown tongue tie expert Dr. Bobby Ghaheri in Portland, Oregon, and adopted his technique for assessing and treating tongue and lip ties. She works closely with BABE throughout the entire diagnosis and treatment process to ensure seamless care of the mom and baby pairs that are dealing with the effects of tongue and/or lip ties. 

Baby's symptoms that may accompany oral ties include poor latch, poor transfer of milk, lack of proper weight gain, excessive gas, fussiness, and reflux. Mothers may face immense challenges related to nursing a tongue tied baby. These could include excessive pain with latch, creased, flattened, or lipstick-shaped nipples after unlatching, nipple skin damage and infection, and even clogged ducts or mastitis due to incomplete emptying.  

Dr. Chan has personal experience nursing her tongue-tied children and faced many of the above challenges. With the appropriate help, she was able to nurse them into toddlerhood. Her experience spurred her to help mothers overcome challenges in order to successfully breastfeed. She pursued lactation training and became an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in December 2017. She is a member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and continues to further her knowledge by attending breastfeeding medicine conferences. 

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